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Printed Aprons 

Whether you are into cooking or just into having stylish kitchen textiles on display in your kitchen, you’ll love our quality printed aprons and so will your customers.


We have a wide choice of fabrics including coloured 8oz cotton drills and heavy-weight 280gsm panamas. 


We can print all-over, edge-to-edge on all our styles of aprons plus add different sized and shaped, printed or plain pockets, in a variety of positions. 


We also have a wide range of coloured ties and can produce printed aprons with either fixed neck loops or adjustable neck ties featuring gold coloured brass or silver coloured nickel D rings.


Our side ties are generously long at one metre each but again we can make the ties what-ever length you prefer.


In addition we have lots of great packaging ideas which increases the perceived sale value of your printed aprons and makes them a lovely gift.

Cotton apron


Adult Apron - on bleached 8oz cotton drill with XL pocket (digital print)

Help for Heroes, charity apron


Adult Apron – on bleached 8oz cotton drill (screen print)

Cotton drill apron


Adult Apron - on bleached 8oz cotton drill (screen print)

Quality printed apron


Example – of the fineness of print possible on bleached 8oz cotton drill (screen print)

Black cotton drill apron


Adult Apron – printed on 8oz black cotton drill with a 3 spot colour discharge print (screen print)

Our Printed Apron Dimensions Are:-

Adult Aprons - 85cm high by 60cm wide approx (excluding ties)

Child Aprons - 68cm high by 48cm wide approx  (excluding ties)

Waist Aprons - 38cm high by 60cm wide approx (excluding ties)   

Plus we can make aprons to bespoke sizes too.  


Heavy-weight panama apron


Adult Apron - on pre-treated 280gsm panama to achieve extra rich colours (digital print) 

Child apron


Child Apron – the same design scaled down to a child’s apron size (digital print)   

Waist apron


Adult Waist Apron - on bleached 280gsm panama (digital print)

Child-sized aprons


Child Apron – on bleached 8oz cotton drill (digital print)

Types of Printing On Offer

We offer various types of printing including all-over, edge-to-edge screen print in up to 10 spot colours, full colour process (in which we are acknowledged, prize-winning industry leaders), combined full colour process and spot colour, plus a wide range of metallic options including glitters. 


We are unusual in that we also offer a discharge print option on to dyed fabrics.  This uses a specialist water-based ink where the colour of the fabric is bleached out and replaced by the colour of the ink.  The print feels very smooth (there is no plastic or raised feel) and the print durability is excellent.  Plus we use opaque inks which are good for certain types of image where discharge is not suitable.


In addition we have a full digital printing service; this is great for designs with more than 10 spot colours and for small full colour runs or short runs in general.  All-over, edge-to-edge printing is available for all our digital textile products too.  


We can also embroider on to printed aprons.

Screen printed UK aprons
Our MHM 10 Colour Automatic Screen Printing Carousel


Award Winning Aprons
Judged Number One In The World at FESPA

Black Cotton Drill Adult Apron


Adult Apron – printed on 8oz black cotton drill with a white discharge print (screen print)

Blue Cotton Drill Adult Apron


Adult Apron – printed on 8oz navy cotton drill with a white opaque print (screen print)

Embroidered Aprons


Embroidery – green and black dyed 8oz cotton drill adult aprons featuring embroidered logos



All our apron fabrics are carefully sourced, woven and finished (mainly in Turkey) to our own specifications.  This enables us to have complete control over the quality, colour-yield and provenance of the fabrics we offer. Here are descriptions and images of our range of fabrics suitable for our UK-made aprons.


Bleached non-optic white Cotton Drill, 8oz cotton drill for adult aprons, cotton drill for child aprons


8oz Bleached Cotton Drill

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – A bleached non-optic very pale cream finish designed to co-ordinate with our Premium tea towel cotton.  This weight of fabric is the most popular choice for aprons, offering both durability and value for money.

Unbleached natural cotton drill, 8oz cotton drill for adult aprons, cotton drill for child aprons


8oz Unbleached Cotton Drill

220gsm/sq mtr approx) – An unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seed designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached tea towel cotton.  Again this is the most popular choice for customers seeking a natural, quality fabric at a good price.

Organic unbleached natural cotton drill, 8oz organic cotton drill for adult aprons, organic cotton drill for child aprons


8oz Organic Unbleached Cotton Drill

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – An organic unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seed designed to co-ordinate with our organic unbleached tea towel cotton.  For customers wanting to go down the green route this is the fabric for you.  It also has a lovely soft feel.

Black Cotton Drill aprons, UK-made all-over black aprons, 8oz black cotton drill aprons


8oz Black Cotton Drill

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – A reactive, vat-dyed fabric suitable for discharge, opaque, metallic printing and embroidery. 


Coloured Cotton Drills, coloured aprons uk made, personalised coloured aprons, mutli-coloured aprons UK


Coloured 8oz Cotton Drills

(220gsm /sq mtr approx) – We can supply a wide range of colours in vat dyed cotton drills (available for larger orders only).


Unbleached natural Panama, 280gsm unbleached natural panama aprons, heavy-weight cotton aprons made in UK


Unbleached Panama

(280gsm/sq mtr approx) – A heavier-weight unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seeds designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached tea towel cotton, 8oz cotton drill, calico, 10oz canvas and  220gsm panama.   

Black 280gsm Panama aprons, all-over black aprons, heavy-wiehg black aprons, black aprons made in UK


Black Panama

(280gsm/sq mtr approx) – A heavier-weight vat dyed black finish designed to co-ordinate with our black 8oz cotton drill.  Again a reactive, vat-dyed fabric suitable for discharge, opaque, metallic printing and embroidery. 

Unbleached Organic Cotton Panama, environmental cotton aprons, ethical cotton aprons UK


Unbleached Organic Panama

(280gsm/sq mtr approx) – A heavier-weight unbleached organic, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seeds designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached tea towel cotton, 8oz cotton drill, calico, 10oz canvas and  220gsm panama (available for larger orders only).

Coloured Panamas for aprons, coloured cotton aprons, multi-coloured aprons UK-made


Coloured Panamas

(280gsm/sq mtr approx) – We can supply a wide range of colours in heavier-weight vat dyed panamas (available for larger orders only).

Pre-treated Fabrics For Digital Printing


Pre-treated Panama

Whilst our digital prints on our untreated fabrics are already bright and colourful – if you are after more vibrant reds and blues plus very strong blacks then we offer pre-treated bleached 280gsm panama (for an additional charge).


pre-treated panama for digitally printed aprons


UK sewn aprons, uk apron manufacture, in-house sewing unit for aprons

Bespoke Sewing Options

One of the strengths of Countryside Art is we have a very large, well-equipped sewing unit so we can offer all types of bespoke add-ons in the manufacturing of your aprons plus make specially sized aprons and pockets.  These options are as follows:-


Coloured threads and Labels for bespoke aprons, designer aprons, wash labels for personalised aprons


Different Thread Colours – with hundreds of thread colours in stock we can match to any print.

Wash Labels – we can use our standard wash labels or we can include your own labels.

Your Own Logo Label in aprons, small runs aprons, aprons personalised with logo labels


Customer’s Own Logo Label – we can sew your provided logo labels into reverse seams or on to the front of aprons.  Popular choices include in the top or side reverse seams or anywhere on the front of the aprons in a position of your choice.  Contact us for details on how the labels need to be supplied with regards to our sewing requirements.

Coloured Apron Ties, polyester apron ties, cotton apron ties, heavy-weight cotton apron ties


Different Coloured Ties – we stock a wide range of coloured polyester ties (see the colour chart below) plus heavy-weight cotton ties in white, unbleached and black finishes. 

We can also source other colours so if the shade you want is not here please ask and we will see if we can obtain it for you.

Colour options for apron ties:- 


For polyester ties we have the following colours as well as black and a soft white.  We also have unbleached natural cotton ties plus heavy-weight cotton ties in bright white, black and unbleached natural finishes. 


For larger orders we can also source a wider range of coloured ties.  So if the colour you want is not here and you are ordering 500 or more aprons please let us know and we can advise what other colours are available.


Please note these colours below are guides only and may not be accurate.  We are always happy to send out swatches of the ties so you can see the actual colours so please ask.


Examples of apron tie colours:-

Red polyester apron ties UK
Red (polyester)
Navy polyester apron ties UK
Navy (polyester)
Brown polyester apron ties UK
 Brown (polyester)
Bright pink polyester apron ties UK
Pink (polyester)
Green polyester apron ties UK
Green (polyester)
Unbleached cotton ties, plus unbleached cotton standard weight, heavy weight unbleached cotton aprons ties
Unbleached (standard weight & heavy-weight cotton)
Purple polyester apron ties UK
Purple (polyester)
Black polyester apron ties, plus heavy-weight black cotton ties for aprons
Black (polyester & heavyweight cotton)
Naturla white polyester apron ties, non-optic white polyester apron ties UK
Natural White (polyester)
Heavy-weight bright white cotton apron ties
Bright White (heavy-weight cotton)
Cream polyester apron ties UK
Cream (polyester)


Fixed Neck Loops for aprons made in Britain, Adjustable Ties for British made aprons, or adjustable apron neck ties, with brass apron D Rings, or nickel apron D rings


Fixed Neck Loops or Adjustable Neck Loop – most customers go for the adjustable neck loops where we offer a choice of either brass or nickel D rings.  We can also produce fixed neck loops at what-ever length you prefer.

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Bespoke Packaging Options


Bulk Packed – most customers opting for bulk packing hang the aprons up on display with the neck loops.   A swing ticket can make a nice addition with bulk packing.



Individually Bagged – if you need to keep your stock protected when on display we offer individual bagging in clear polypropylene bags.  We can either bag the aprons in a plain bag or we offer a plastic hanger bag, in which case we card inside the apron to keep it neat and stop it sliding down within the bag. 



To further enhance presentation and promote your brand we can add the following packaging - all printed digitally in-house at very competitive prices.


We are also happy to use packaging supplied by the customer.



Apron packaging, apron with printed insert, and display hanger bag for aprons


Insert – printed one side as standard (although double sided are also available) on 160gsm heavy-weight paper.  These are suitable for adding into individually poly bagged aprons.  The bag shown here is a plastic hanger bag. 


Apron swing tickets, aprons and swing tickets printed in-house in UK


Swing Tickets – printed either single or double sided on 280gsm shiny or matt card.  These are ideal for attaching where the aprons are out on display without any other form of packaging.  Not only can we print your swing tickets but we can also attach them with all sorts of interesting things.  A nylon loop is the usual option but we can also use ribbons plus strings such as jute and sisal for something different.  

Co-ordinated packaging for aprons, apron packaging with tray and hanger bag, tea towel with tray and euro hanger, and oven glove with tray and hanger bag


Packaging Across a Range of Products – many customers take advantage of our vast experience in designing packaging to let us advise on how to produce a style that works across all their products.  (This image shows the hanger bags).


Jute string and plastic hanger option for aprons, tea  towel and oven glove


Jute or Sisal String Plus Optional Plastic Hanger – an unusual and attractive option which can also include a clear plastic hanger if required.  A swing ticket is also nice with this option.

Trays for aprons, headers for aprons, aprons individually bagged


Trays – again these are printed on a heavy-weight 200gsm paper and are suitable for individually bagged aprons (plain or hanger bags).



Belly band wraps for aprons, belly band wraps for oven gloves, aprons with wrap supplied individually bagged, aprons with wrap supplied bulk packed


Wraps – these are printed on a heavy-weight 200gsm paper with which we wrap the aprons.  They can then be supplied bulk packed or each apron can also be individually poly-bagged. 


Ribbon and Carding for aprons, aprons retail display


Ribbon & Carding – any type of ribbon can be used.  The apron is also carded to stiffen it and a swing ticket is a nice final addition. 


Barcode stickers for apron packaging, barcode stickers printed in house


Barcodes – more and more retailers are calling for stock to be barcoded.  We have the facilities to create any type of barcode and can either print them on to the swing tickets, inserts etc or we can print them on to peelable self-adhesive labels. We can also attach barcode labels provided by the customer.