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Printed Tea Towels

Here at Countryside Art we do not consider the tea towel to be a humble product in any way at all.  We pour our heart and soul into making each printed tea towel we produce a beautiful item to cherish. 

We cannot believe how many tea towels we sell every year.  Even in the age of the dishwasher, and the fact we spend less time than ever in the kitchen preparing food, the tea towel (or kitchen towel) continues to be an incredibly popular item. 

In our opinion the tea towel’s enduring appeal is down to the fact it is so much more than just a piece of fabric used for drying dishes.  A printed tea towel can be a work of art, advertise a message, or remind us of a lovely holiday or event.  By our choice of design we also say something about ourselves in what we want to display in our home. 

A selection of eye-catching printed tea towelscan be used to offer a delightfully colourful distraction from a mundane household chore or instantly brighten up any space.

William Morris, leader of the 19th Century Arts & Crafts Movement said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”  We know our customers share this belief and it is the foundation on which we base the ethos of our company.

So as well as producing superb prints on top quality fabrics, we can add lots of lovely bespoke touches when we sew your tea towels, making them special not only for you but also your customers.

To also increase perceived value, and make your tea towels even more of a lovely gift, we have lots of imaginative packaging options too.

Custom tea towels are also ideal for fundraising projects – not only being an attractive, well priced product, but also a great way to get a message across too.

Personalised printed tea towels
Printed Tea Towels – perfect for the designer market where our superb printing and production skills will match your creativity hand-in-hand to produce a stunning result standing head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd

Minimum Order Quantities:-

Our minimum order quantity starts at just 25 tea towels for a digital print and 100 tea towels for a screen print up to orders of many thousands for volume runs


We are expert at mixing to any pantone colour required plus matching by eye to supplied swatches or existing products such as mugs etc.  We always keep a sample from your first order.  So when you place a repeat order we benchmark the colours back to the sample, ensuring excellent repeatability time after time. 


Our standard tea towel size is 48cm by 76cm approx.

However, because we are unique in having all our cutting and sewing facilities on site, we can also make bespoke sized customised tea towels at a competitive price (for larger orders only). 


All our tea towels are heat-cured through huge gas dryers ensuring excellent colour-fastness.

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Personalised printed tea towels
Tea Towels For The Retail & Visitor Attraction Market – we produce beautiful, quality, eye-catching tea towels that your customers will not be able to resist – a great impulse buy at a great price

It is hard to depict how good our print quality is on a website so we always like to send out actual samples with our brochures so you can compare our products directly with our competitors and judge for yourself. 

We are expert at producing the same superb quality using screen print as can normally only be achieved digitally.  The benefit of this is, for many multi-colour tea towel designs, screen print is a far more cost-effective way of printing.

However digital printing is great for smaller runs and for designs with more than 10 spot colours. 

As we are expert at matching digital to screen print, customers can start off with smaller digitally printed orders then, as sales increase, we can change to screen print allowing for greater cost savings.  

Our very experienced Sales team will initially assess your design and produce a quote which not only guarantees the best results and the most efficient way to print your design, but is also the most cost effective way too. 

We will also often quote for both screen and digital print, allowing you to choose the best option from a financial point of view.  

Tea Towels For The Commemorative & Charity Market – whether our designers produce an attractive line drawing for your church, or we assist in developing a complete giftware range for your charity, our experience shines through every time    

And because we find tea towels endlessly fascinating, here are some facts about our tea towels you may find very interesting too:-

Every year the distance our sewing machinists stitch around the seams of our tea towels is equivalent to driving from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again (this doesn’t include all the other items they sew too) 

One of our tea towels we produced back in the Seventies for the iconic fashion chain Biba sold a few years ago on E-bay for £85 – making us wish we had kept more tea towels from back then

We have two sample tea towels we produced for Google, within three months of the company’s start up, depicting two of the first search pages – it would be interesting to know what these tea towels would fetch now for anyone who bought one back then and still has it in good condition

We are often sent actual tea towels and photos of tea towels we produced at least 25 to 35 years ago (usually well-used but still in very good condition) to ask if we still have the artwork on file for our tea towel printers to recreate.  And amazingly the answer is “Yes – we do still have all of this artwork on record and can produce re-orders”.

The furthest away we have ever exported a tea towel was to a small beach and surfing bar on the south-west coast of Australia

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Tea Towels For The Trade & Promotional Market – you can rely on us to hit the mark every time when price coupled with superb quality are the key performance indicators 

Volume Orders:-

If you’re looking to buy high quality bulk order towels, made in the UK, be sure to read on to find out more about our services.  We are very well equipped to deal with very large order volumes.  

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Wedding Tea Towels

Over the years we have printed many thousands of wedding tea towels, including for every Royal Wedding, and have a print service dedicated towards your special day. 

With minimum orders of just 25 digitally printed full colour tea towels, or 50 screen printed single colour tea towels, a Wedding tea towel makes a very special, inexpensive gift.

Wedding tea towels are increasingly popular as a ‘Save the Day’ reminder, a unique invitation or a great ‘Thank You’ gift, where everyone draws themselves at the reception (in a similar way to the School Fundraising tea towels).

What-ever your requirements are with regards to your Wedding tea towel our Sales and Design team are on hand to assist you.  

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Wedding tea towels – being digitally printed in full colour, featuring one of our beautiful new borders
Five Spot Colour Print – on premium cotton (screen print)
Single Colour Print – on unbleached cotton (screen print)
Six Spot Colour Print – on unbleached cotton (screen print)
Three Spot Colour Print – on standard cotton (screen print)
Full Colour Process Print – on premium cotton (screen print)
Full Colour Process Print – on standard cotton (screen print)

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Napkins can be printed in exactly the same way as our personalised tea towels and are available with either screen or digital printing. We also make napkins from all the same fabrics that are available for tea towels.

Napkins can be as small as you want up to a maximum sewn size of 46cm square.  (We find the 46cm size the most popular).

Top Left – set of four napkins on unbleached cotton (screen print)
Bottom Right – napkins printed on standard cotton (screen print)
Set of Four Napkins – printed on 220gsm bleached panama (screen print)
Set of Four Napkins – printed on 220gsm unbleached panama (screen print)

Napkins can then be packed as singles or in sets of 2s and 4s.

If you want to stand out there are lots of great custom packaging options such as wraps, ribbons, and swing tickets. 

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Types of Printing On Offer

We offer various types of state-of-the-art printing including all-over, edge-to-edge screen print in up to 10 spot colours, full colour process (in which we are acknowledged, prize-winning industry leaders), combined full colour process and spot colour, plus a wide range of metallic options including glitters. 

In addition we have a full digital printing service; this is great for designs with more than 10 spot colours and for small full colour runs or short runs in general.  All-over, edge-to-edge printing is available for all our digital textile products too.  

Follow this link to our blog to read about how we solely use water-based inks and to see how eco-friendly and sustainable they are.  

All-over, edge-to-edge printing is available for all our digital textile products too. 

Our MHM 10 Colour Automatic Screen Printing Carousel

Judged Number One In The World at FESPA

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All our tea towel fabrics are carefully sourced from various countries including Turkey, India and Pakistan and are woven and finished in the UK to our own specifications.  This enables us to have complete control over the quality, colour-yield and provenance of the fabrics we offer. 

Here are descriptions and images of our range of fabrics suitable for tea towels:-

Premium Cotton

(weight 174gms/sq mtr approx) – A non-optic, pure bleach finish (the colour of double cream) designed to co-ordinate with our bleached 8oz cotton drill, calico and 10oz canvas.

Standard Cotton

(174gms/sq mtr approx) – A bright white finish designed to co-ordinate with our 220gsm and 280gsm bleached panama.

Unbleached Cotton

(174gms/sq mtr approx) – An unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seeds designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached 8oz cotton drill, calico, 10oz canvas and 220gsm and 280gsm panama.

Bleached Organic Cotton

(174gms/sq mtr approx)  – An organic non-optic, pure bleach fabric (the colour of double cream).

Unbleached Organic Cotton

(174gms/sq mtr approx)  – An organic unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seeds designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached 8oz organic cotton drill and 280gsm unbleached organic panama.

Linen Union

(200gsm/sq mtr approx) – A bright white optic finish 50/50 cotton/linen blend designed to co-ordinate with our 220gsm and 280gsm bleached panama.

For Heavier-weight & Digital Print Options

Bleached Panama (Digital Only)

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – A bright white optic finish designed to co-ordinate with our 280gsm bleached panama. 

Unbleached Panama (Digital Only)

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – An unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seeds designed to co-ordinate with our unbleached 8oz cotton drill, calico, 10oz canvas and 220gsm and 280gsm panama. 

8oz Black Cotton Drill (Screen Print Only)

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – A reactive, vat-dyed fabric suitable for discharge, opaque, metallic printing and embroidery. 

8oz Bleached Cotton Drill

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – A bleached non-optic very pale cream finish. This weight of fabric is the most popular choice for heavy-weight tea towels, offering both durability and value for money.

8oz Unbleached Cotton Drill

(220gsm/sq mtr approx) – An unbleached, natural oat-meal finish with flecks of cotton seed.  Again this is the most popular choice for customers seeking a natural, quality fabric at a good price.

Pre-treated Fabrics for Digital Printing

Whilst our digital prints on our untreated fabrics are already bright and colourful – if you are after more vibrant colours (reds and blues in particular) plus very strong blacks, then we offer pre-treated fabrics for an additional charge.

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Bespoke Sewing Options

One of the strengths of Countryside Art is we have a very large, well-equipped Sewing Unit so we can offer all types of bespoke add-ons in the manufacturing of your custom printed tea towels.

Our bespoke sewing options are as follows:-

Thread Colours – we have an enormous range of different thread colours enabling us to match to any colours for all-over, edge-to-edge quality printed tea towels.

Wash Labels – we can use our own standard labels or we can to include our customer’s own wash labels.

Hanging Loops – we offer a wide range of hanging loop colours for your customised tea towel, or can even sew in customer’s own provided hanging loops.

We can also provide diagonal hanging loops or multiple hanging loops which are popular on the continent.  Again please just let us know what you want.

Customer’s Own Supplied Logo Labels – we can sew in supplied logo labels in either a standard position on the reverse of the tea towel or a special position such as on the front – the choice is yours.

For more information please get in touch via our Contact Page 

Hanging Loop Colours

Why not jazz up your tea towels with a coloured hanging loop – an inexpensive way to make a statement.







Natural White

Dawn Grey (polyester)


Royal Blue

Steel Grey

Theatre Blue




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Bespoke Packaging Options

In addition to making your tea towel a special gift, bespoke packaging strengthens your branding and can be an ideal platform to provide more information plus promote your website and on-line shop 

We’ve listed all the options along with images to make it easy to choose the right packaging for your tea towel.

Bulk Packed – your tea towels will be supplied packed in poly bags of either 10 or 25 depending on the order quantity.  For a small extra charge we do have the option of bulk packing in smaller quantities too 

Individually Bagged – if you need to keep your stock protected when on display we offer individual bagging in clear polypropylene bags. 

To further enhance presentation and promote your brand we can add the following packaging – all printed digitally in-house at very competitive prices:-

Tea Towel Individually Bagged With Inserts – can be folded in 8ths or 16ths, plus the inserts can be any shape or size

Tea Towel Wrap Individually Bagged With A Euro Hanger – folded in 8ths

Tea Towel Wrap Unbagged – folded in 8ths and can also be supplied individually bagged too

Tea Towel Wrap Unbagged 

Folded in 16ths and can be supplied individually bagged too.

Set of two tea towels

Folded into 16ths (top left) and 8ths (bottom right) both can be supplied individually bagged.

Swing Tickets

These are available as single or double sided prints on matt or shiny card.  They can be any size and are attached with nylon kimbles, ribbon or string.

Trays and Hangars

Available with individual bagging only.  Euro hangers can be added

Card Header with Punched Euro Slot

Great if you want to hang up the tea towel without a plastic bag.  A swing ticket can make a nice addition to show the individual design if you want to use a generic header across a range of designs

Jute String or Ribbon 

Why not try something different.  A swing ticket makes a nice addition plus we also have plastic hangers so the item can be displayed hung up

Set of 2 Tea Towels on a Plastic Hanger

Set of 2 Tea Towels on a Plastic Hanger

A swing ticket makes a nice addition to this option

Co-ordinated Sets

We can provided co-ordinated packaging across a range of products.  The Cadbury range pictured here includes a tea towel, plus an apron and double oven glove in hanger bags


Since many retailers are requesting stock to be barcoded, we also provide the in-house option to print any type of barcode onto all our packaging options. 

This includes headers, trays, wraps, inserts, swing tickets or on to peel-able self-adhesive labels. 

Plus we can attach customer’s provided barcode labels too.

More Bespoke Options

If you require something different to the above please let us know.  We are always open to our customer’s requirements and this is how some of our popular packaging ideas have come about.  We are also happy to use packaging supplied by the customer.

For more information please get in touch via our Contact Page


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