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Custom Greeting Cards & Other Paper Giftware

In addition to the textile printing side of the company, we also have a well equipped in-house lithographic and digital paper printing department.   


So, as well as producing all our customers’ personalised packaging such as swing tickets, wraps and inserts, we also produce an attractive range of paper products including Greetings cards, calendars, post cards, notelets, jotter pads, fridge magnets, key rings, business stationery, flyers, paper giftware and posters. 


We also print a wide range of greetings cards for Birthday, Christmas and everyday use, featuring your own designs.


With small minimum orders, very low set-up costs and competitive prices, these paper products are particularly popular with our church, smaller charity and independent shop customers and are available in both single and full colour printing.

personalised birthday cards, mixed pack five birthday cards, customised birthday cards, birthday cards UK printed


Birthday Cards – mixed pack of 5 Birthday cards - A5 size  

notelet pack, full colour notelets print in the uk


Full Colour Notelets – two complimentary packs (one vertical and one horizontal) featuring personalised header cards

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Types of Printing On Offer

We use both lithographic and digital printing for our paper products depending on which is the most suitable and cost-effective.


All our papers and cards are FSC compliant and from sustainable and reliable sources.


Calendars – our A4 calendars are available in either 6 or 12 page versions and are spiral bound.


They are printed on a quality satin 160gsm paper with a 300gsm card backing.


For a small extra cost there is the option to add additional pages with your church or village events etc.  Or we can add in information on each monthly page if required.  Adding sponsors logos is also a popular request.


We can print on the reverse backing card, adding thumbnail images and descriptions for what is on each month or your logo.  Plus we can also print on both sides of the pages. 


The calendars are supplied individually bagged in a clear polypropylene bag with a cut-away for the wire hanger so they can be hung up for display.


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six page calendars, twelve page calendars, spiral bound calendars uk printed


Calendars – 6 & 12 month spiral bound page calendars

personalised calendars, customised calendars, bespoke calendars,


Calendar – with a printed reverse cover showing a thumbnail image from each month

Christmas & Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards – available in A5 and A4 sizes as standard.


Our cards are printed on a quality 280gsm single sided coated card front and reverse with a matt finish inside for ease of writing.


Horizontal cards are supplied tent folded as standard but we can gate fold if required. 


Cards can also be printed front and reverse at no extra cost. 


Personalised inside greetings, text and logos can be added for a small extra charge. 


We normally pack in sets of 5 in a clear polypropylene bag with an insert (which can be personalised) in the reverse of each pack, but are happy to also offer cards packed singly or in different multiples. 

greetings cards made in uk, full colour greeting card uk printed, a5 greeting card, a6 greeting card


A6 & A5 Greetings Cards  – horizontal cards depicting a gate fold instead of our standard tent fold

personalised greeting cards, customised greeting cards, bespoke greeting cards, everyday cards, note cards


A6 & A5 Greetings Cards – a selection of cards for everyday use

When digitally printing cards we can split the minimum order up in to multiple designs within the one print run. 


So for instance, a pack of 5 cards could be made up of a maximum of 5 different designs.  It does add a little extra to the setting up cost but that is all.


When litho printing cards the pack can be split between two designs for A5 sized cards or four designs for A5 sized cards.   


We include an insert to say the pack is made up of mixed designs and normally pack a different card on the front of each pack as standard unless advised otherwise.


Personalised Headers For Cards – for a small extra cost, there is the option of adding a personalised header card which can be printed both sides. 


Personalised Inserts – again for a small extra cost we can also add an insert designed to your own requirements.

Christmas cards, corporate cards, Christmas cards for business, personalised greetings in xmas cards


Personalised Greetings – for the inside of cards.  Particularly popular at Christmas with corporate customers or for charities

Christmas cards, xmas cards, personalised christmas cards, customised xmas cards,


Mixed Packs of Cards - featuring 5 designs within the one pack (with gate folds)

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Fridge Magnets

header cards for card packs, uk printed cards


Personalised Header Card –  for set of cards A5 size

personalised inserts for greetings cards, customised inserts for christmas cards


Personalised Insert –  for pack of cards


Notelets – are made from 100gsm A4 sheets of paper folded down to A6 and then packed as a set of 10 (as standard) in a clear polypropylene header bag featuring Countryside Art branding. 


We offer white paper with white envelopes, cream paper with white envelopes and cream paper with cream envelopes.


Personalised Inserts – an optional personalised insert can added in the reverse of the pack for a small extra charge.


Personalised Header Cards – instead of our Countryside Art branded header there is also the option of adding a personalised header card, which can be printed in full colour on both sides, for a small extra cost.


With this personalised header card option, packs sizes can be anything from five to twelve notelets in a pack.

full colour notelet packs, notelets printed in uk, notelets for visitor attractions, notelets for museums


Full Colour Notelets – packs of 10 notelets featuring our standard Countryside Art headers

single colour printed notelets, church notelets, retail notelets, small runs of notelets


Single Colour Notelets – packs of 10 notelets featuring our standard Countryside Art headers

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Full Colour Notelets

personalised headers for notelet packs, customised header cards for notelets


Personalised Headers – notelets featuring personalised headers

thumbnail sheet for reverse of notelet pack


Personalised Insert – great for mixed packs of notelets as thumbnails of all the designs in the pack can be shown


Post Cards & Bookmarks 

Post Cards – these are available as A6 size as standard and printed on 300gsm card.


Our post cards feature a coated card front and a matt finish reverse for ease of writing. 


The reverse can be personalised at no extra cost.


We can also split the print run into eight designs at no extra cost other than a small initial setting-up charge.


Book Marks – these are printed on a coated card front and a matt reverse on 300gsm card at a size of 55mm by 205mm.

Again we can also split the print run into ten designs at no extra cost other than a small initial setting-up charge.


For more information please get in touch via our Contact Page

post cards, small runs full colour post cards, postcards printed in uk


Post Cards - are available with single and full colour prints at A6 size

book marks, printed bookmarks uk


Bookmarks – the print run can be split into ten assorted designs

Jotter Pads & Writing Paper 

Jotter Pads – at an approximate size of A6, each jotter pad has 150 sheets of 80gsm paper – each printed in a single colour with the same image. 


The jotter pads can be printed on to white or cream paper and are supplied packed in a clear polypropylene bag. 


There is also the option of adding a personalised insert in the reverse of the pack for a small extra charge.


Writing Paper – an attractive A5 laid card writing paper wallet printed with the design contains ten A5 sheets of printed laid paper and 10 printed envelopes.


Available in white or cream quality laid paper, these writing paper sets are supplied packed in a clear polypropylene bag. 


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jotter pads, single colour jotter pads printed in uk, small runs of jotter pads


Jotter Pads – our single colour jotter pads are available on white or cream paper

writing paper, writing paper sets, writing paper uk printed


Writing Paper Wallets – our A5 sized writing paper sets are printed on a quality white or cream laid paper


Fridge Magnets & Key Rings

Fridge Magnets – these rectangular clear acrylic fridge magnets are available in an XL size 65mm by 95mm and a standard size 50mm by 70mm.


Key Rings – clear acrylic rectangular key rings available in an XL size 55mm by 80mm or a standard size 37mm by 58mm.  These can feature either the same or different images each side.


Both our fridge magnets and key rings are suitable for full colour and single colour images.


They both come bulk packed in tens.


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fridge magnets, personalised fridge magnets, customised fridge magnets, small run printed fridge magnets uk


Fridge Magnets – available in XL or standard sizes

key rings, keyrings, personalised key rings, customised keyrings, small run printed key rings uk


Key Rings – available in XL or standard sizes

Flyers & Posters Plus Business Stationery 

Flyers & Posters – we print A5 flyers on 160gsm paper in full colour and posters on 200gsm paper in A4 and A3 sizes.  The quality is superb and there are no set-up costs if artwork is supplied ready to print.


Business Cards, Headed Paper, Invoice Sheets etc – we can also print office stationery very competitively on to a range of papers ad cards with minimal or no set-up costs.

Please ask for quotes.


Posters & Flyers – from A5 up to A3 sizes


Business Stationery – headed paper, compliment slips, business cards and lots more

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