More eggs-citing news….

More eggs-citing news….

Created Date: 2018-04-09
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Before we leave the Easter hols and head towards May – here’s one more way to have that Cadbury's Creme Egg fix all year round.



When we installed our digital cutting machine we were very excited because it meant we could now make all sorts of wonderfully different shaped products. 


Cadbury World were really pleased with these Creme Egg cushions we designed for them.  The cushions, along with the tea towels, proved to be one of the big hits of the Easter weekend. 


If you’d like one then you’ll need to visit Cadbury World – sole stockists of these eggs-tremely funky cushions.


We’ve also made shaped cushions for other customers too.  So what’s next we wonder…..? 


Go on surprise us!


Best wishes

Printed tea towels UK

Kathy Brookes

Sales Director

Digital cutting at Countryside Art Ltd
With our digital cutting machine we can quickly and efficiently cut out all sorts of intricate shapes
Cadbury Creme Egg tea towel, tea towel printed in uk, countryside art tea towel
The Creme Egg tea towels we designed for Cadbury World proved to be a great hit this Easter




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