Made to Last

Made to Last

Created Date: 2017-10-29
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Our products are made to last so it was great to see a bag we made at least 20 plus years ago in my local supermarket on Saturday.


I mention in our Ethical & Environmental Policy how important it is to us that we make good quality products which stand the test of time. 


So I was very excited when I saw this bag we made for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution well over 20 years ago in the trolley of the lady in front of me in the supermarket check-out queue.


Speaking to its owner, Margaret, I discovered that she uses the bag every weekend and has done so ever since she bought it.  She also has some other bags we produced from around the same time, which she has promised bring shopping some other weekends in the hope we spot each other again, so I can photograph these too.


I was amazed at how good the bag still looks and it made me think, from a sustainable point of view, what a fantastic thing it would be for our planet if everything we bought was fit for purpose for so many years.


It also makes me wonder if any of you out there are still using some very vintage (and collectable) Countryside Art products in your everyday lives and would like to send me photos to include on the blog – we'd love to see them.


Best wishes

Kathy Brookes

Sales Director


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The 20+ year old bag still in active service and still looking great!





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