We are ink-credibly environmentally friendly...

We are ink-credibly environmentally friendly...

Created Date: 2020-02-01
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All you ever wanted to know about our water-based inks and the environment


Ever since humankind first printed textiles back in the 3rd Century BC, using wooden blocks dipped in inks made from iron oxides and tannins, there has been a fascination for the whole textile printing process and turning a plain piece of woven fabric into something much more special.


Jump forward to the 21st century and we now have a plethora of types of textile printing techniques and inks available.


So, with more and more customers wanting to be reassured that the products they are buying are both environmentally friendly and sustainable, we have produced the following blog to demonstrate how our company really does care about these issues.


Here at Countryside Art, as well as offering pigment ink digital printing, we are best known for our award winning, environmentally friendly, water-based ink printing. 


So what is water-based ink:-


environmentally friendly water based ink
All the chemicals used in our inks cause no harm to the environment

Quoting from the print industry publication ‘Printwear & Promotion’ – ‘Water-based ink is any ink which uses water as a liquid base to carry the pigment. Water molecules are smaller than oil-based molecules, making them move quicker. This combined with the pigment size difference makes them evaporate quicker, which can be problematic. The lower viscosity (thinner) consistency soaks into the fabric, making the handle much softer’.


Although water-based inks demand a huge amount of attention to detail, and much more pre-press preparation on our part than using plasticol based inks, they offer the following benefits:-


smiley  Water-based inks are safer and better for the environment, production staff and end users.

smiley  The inks sink in to the fabric leaving no surface feel and are also very colourfast and durable when washed.

smiley  Colours are really vibrant and can be mixed to any pantone or shade required.

smiley  We purchase all the components for our binders, colour concentrates, water based metallic and discharge inks through just one UK-based supplier, with whom we work incredibly closely, on all aspects related to print quality, colourfastness, environmental issues etc.


Our screen print ink supplier offer the following industry world-wide accreditations so you can be completely confident in the safety and sustainability of our inks:-

eco-friendly ink Countryside Art
We mix our own water-based binders to ensure maximum print colour-fastness

smiley  The component chemicals used in the production of their products are REACH compliant.

smiley  Their eco pigments and core range products are certified to ZDHC Confidence Level 1.  (The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero programme is a coalition of fashion brands working together to eliminate hazardous chemicals in the textile printing process).

smiley  They are Oeko-Tex certified and hold an Eco Passport (Oeko-Tex is an independent certification system for chemicals, colourants and auxiliaries used in the textile industry).

smiley  They are GNA compliant (the GNA standard is a universal certificate of compliance and sustainability that meets customer demand to significantly reduce the amount of hazardous and environmentally damaging chemicals in the textile printing industry.  GNA approved inks exceed the expectations of leading retail brands).


We only use pigment inks for our digital printing:-


 smiley  The component chemicals used in the production of their products are REACH compliant.

smiley The inks contain no substances on the REACH candidate list, REACH substances with Annex XVll restrictions or Annex XIV substances.


mixing safe ink Countryside art
We can mix our water-based inks to any colour our customer wishes


So if you want to choose a supplier that cares as much about the environment as you do then look no further than Countryside Art for superb water-based printing on our wide range of best-selling textile products.


If you would like any more information about our inks and print processes then my fellow Director Lawrence and I are always available for a chat on  Call Countryside Art Ltd 01790 754806.  Or email us at sales@countrysideart.co.uk or contact us through our Contact Form.


Best wishes

sales director Countryside Art Ltd

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

water-based ink printing uk
The final water-based ink ready to print – drying time in the screen mesh about 1 minute so no time to waste!