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Sew Happy

All Countryside Art’s highly valued sewing machinists and pre-prep team are really happy now they have been able to move into their new unit in our recently completed, purpose-built, extension.

An overall view of our new Sewing Unit 

With idyllic views from the many upper-floor windows overlooking the surrounding fields and hedgerows, special sound absorbing flooring plus great lighting, it is a lovely place to work.

Walking in to such a busy hive of industry everyone is struck by the quietness and calmness of the atmosphere.

Under the superb management of our excellent Production Manager Jenny, and her equally adept second-in-command Sue, at last the whole team can work together instead of being split across three different parts of the factory.

The photo above shows part of the pre-preparation area, then the middle section where all the over-locking, binding, handle making and specialist equipment such as flagging machines are sited.  Finally the lock-stitch machine area at the far end of the unit.

Sewing is an incredibly difficult skill, especially at great speed, product after product after product… 

Unless you have actually stood next to a highly skilled machinist and watch them sew it is hard to describe the total amount of concentration and dexterity that is involved. 

Each machinist has their own lock-stitch sewing machine but also works on all the other types of specialist machines

Couple that with the ability to keep up such a high level of quality and commitment, hour after hour, and you are talking about a very special talent.

It is not easy to find trained sewing machinists, especially in a rural area like ours.  It can take at least a year or more, for even a previously skilled new member of the team, to reach full-speed on the wide range of products we manufacture. 

When we get very busy we can end up with a production bottle-neck in the sewing stage of the production process.  With the skill levels involved it is not possible to hire in machinists only for the busiest months. 

So, as a company, we make a big financial commitment to ensure we have as large a sewing team as possible.  Bearing in mind seasonal fluctuations in the volume of work throughout the year and balancing this to ensure all our machinists are in full employment over the 12 month period.

The previous lack of space had constrained the number of in-house machinists we could employ.  But having this new unit has already allowed us to recruit two new trainee machinists which will certainly help as we move in to the Summer Season.

To be a skilled sewing machinist dexterity beyond belief is required

Another bonus to having plenty of space is we can now easily store the many hundreds of different coloured threads, trimmings such as piping for cushions, apron tapes and oven glove bindings, plus all our customers’ branded labels for sewing in to their products.  There is lots more information about all of these extras on each product page on our website.

Finally, by investing in this modern, well-equipped new working space, it will enable us to offer a great service to our loyal customers for many years to come.  Plus an excellent working environment for our equally loyal sewing team.

If you would like any more information regarding our sewing services and our wide range of products including tea towels, bagscosmetic bagscushionsaprons and oven gloves please call on  Call Countryside Art 01790 754806 01790 754806, get in touch through our Contact Form, or email us at

Best wishes

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

We can sew your own labels in to any product plus match threads to any print colour with the many hundreds of shades we have in stock

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