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A Sparkly Time of Year

We all love a bit of sparkle and bling, especially at Christmas time, but here at Countryside Art we also love the excitement of printing with metallic inks all year around.

We offer a wide range of metallic ink options from the ultra-sparkly (and aptly named) Bling which can be tinted to a wide range of colours.  Through standard metallic golds and silvers, plus pearlised effect inks – both of which again can be personalised to bespoke tints such as coppers and a wide variety of shades.

These inks can be used on large areas of print or just to add the subtlest highlight to a design. Either way it adds a special touch of luxury.

To print metallic inks successfully we have to use special wide mesh screens.  This allows the particles of metal to pass through screen on the fabric and achieve the optimum results – otherwise the effects are very dull and lack- lustre. 

So next time you are designing a new product such as a tea towelcosmetic bag or cushion cover, why not add a touch of glitter to your design.

If you’d like advice or swatches and samples please speak to our Sales Team on 01790 754 806 or email via our Contact Page.

On another note; my blogs have been absent for a while.  We have been so busy all through the autumn, and in the run up to Christmas, that I felt it was only right to give my time and total attention to our customers and their orders.

But I am back now and really looking forward to updating the blogs on a regular basis again.

Best wishes

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

The lustrous and luxurious effect of printing with metallic inks

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