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Baked to Perfection

Over this last year I know many people, including myself, have really enjoyed home baking as a way of cheering ourselves and our families up.

Baking is a great hobby – creative, therapeutic and tasty – and some people such as Maria Livings (designer and co-owner of Lush Designs) with business partner Marie Rodgers, have taken it to amazing heights, as you can see from these beautiful images.

As a company we have also noticed a big increase in the amount of printed tea towelsaprons and oven gloves we have been selling this last year as the baking craze took off.  If we are all going to spend more time at home, then it is nice to surround ourselves with lovely kitchen textiles which are not only practical, but also beautiful to look at too.

Maria of Lush Designs beautiful fish biscuits swimming past their equally lovely Mermaid tea towel
Maria of Lush Designs extraordinary pie watched closely by the cunning fox on their striking Fox & Cubs tea towel

We are incredibly fortunate in that we work with so many really talented UK designers.  Three in particular, with whom we have worked very successfully for a long time, and who have consistently created fantastic and unique designs staying true to their own styles, are Lush DesignsStuart Gardiner Design and Victoria Eggs.

All three, as well as supplying many wholesale customers with their highly successful ranges of tea towels and kitchen textiles, both here in the UK and abroad, also have their own wonderful on-line shops, which you can visit by following these links:-

A truly great British image – Victoria Eggs’ Simply London apron stylishly worn by its talented designer
Stuart Gardiner’s amazing eye for detail is so apparent with his latest design -an informative and fascinating tea towel depicting Breads of the World
Lush Designs’ vibrant and colourful Vegetable apron and double oven gloves set
Bake Love double oven glove complete with Stuart Gardiner’s really witty rock and pop music puns
The kids can bake too with Victoria Eggs’ London Icons co-ordinated Adult and Child aprons

We know Lush Designs, Stuart Gardiner Design and Victoria Eggs, in their turn, greatly appreciate the fact our superb quality tea towelsoven glovessingle oven mitts and aprons are all made in the UK, right here in our Lincolnshire-based factory. 

Coming from a company that can vouch for the provenance of their fabrics, use water-based inks, whose oven gloves all meet with the exacting CE regulations and also value the environment.

It also gives us great pleasure to produce our superb quality fabric giftware for Marie, Maria, Stuart and Victoria.  In doing so, we have also all become really good friends over the many years we have worked together. 

When your cake is cooked then a good pair of single oven mitts are essential – like this great London Icons design from Victoria Eggs
Maria’s very artistic leafy take on a pie – inspired by the vibrant and eye-catching Lush Designs Beetroot tea towel she also designed

So thank you to all the UK’s great designers and bakers – let’s get out there and get designing and baking!!

If you would like more information about our winning, tasty UK-made tea towelsaprons and kitchen textiles please call on  Call Countryside Art Ltd on 01790 754806 01790 754806, contact us at or through our Contact Page.

Best wishes

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

Stuart Gardiner’s first iconic music-inspired double oven glove design – Rock Cakes – still rocking and rolling and a huge best seller
Stuart Gardiner’s Herbs and Spices tea towel pairing – everything you ever needed to know about which flavours work best with different foods
Victoria Eggs’ beautiful Love is Love tea towel
Lush Designs’ fun and imaginative Kitty apron and double oven glove
Victoria Eggs’ charming Baking Delight tea towel – I’m sure we’d all agree with that sentiment!

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