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Plastic – It Ain’t Fantastic…

Back in 1962, biologist Rachel Carson wrote a seminal book called Silent Spring which highlighted the dangerous effect of synthetic chemicals on the environment and helped launch the modern environmental movement. It is incredible now to see how prophetic this book was.

Like everyone who watched Blue Planet, and saw the terrible effect of all the plastic we throw away on the oceans of the world, I am sure we are not alone in thinking something has got to change.

As we are currently creating a new Packaging Price List, we have decided this is the ideal time to start looking at drastically reducing the amount of plastic we use.  We are realistic enough to realise this cannot be achieved instantly, but our aim is to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastic we buy by at least half over the next five years – much more if possible.

However we do understand that in order to keep stock clean there has to be some plastic packaging involved.  Plus it is not environmentally friendly to have to dispose of an actual product because it has become shop-soiled and is therefore unsellable.

So we will be looking into alternatives such as biodegradable plastic. 

And looking at whether some of the items we currently buy in plastic can be made from other more environmentally-friendly materials. 

Obviously some of this will take a while to implement but everyone in the company is thoroughly behind this initiative.

Aprons &  double oven gloves – packed with a recyclable paper wrap – no plastic bags required other than a few for bulk packing the items 
Set of napkins  with a swing ticket and jute string ribbon – all recyclable – again no plastic bags required other than a few for bulk packing the items

You can read more about our Ethical and Environmental policy here

For more information please get in touch via our Contact Page

cosmetic bag with a completely recyclable swing ticket tied on with natural jute string – again no plastic bags required other than for bulk packing the items 
Tea towels packed with heavy-weight paper recyclable wraps – no plastic other than a few bags for bulk packing the order

On another positive note; Spring Fair is on this week and we hope all our customers exhibiting there have a great show.

Our Sales Team, and our designers, were all coming to visit but most of us have been stricken down with this nasty flu that’s going around.  So for everyone’s sakes it’s much safer we stay away this year.

But the best of luck to our customers who are there – and we hope you all come away with lots of orders.

Best wishes

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director


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