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A tribute to Marge

Margery Chapman (or Marge as she was affectionately known to family, friends and colleagues) was co-founder of Countryside Art in 1975, along with husband John and close family friend Patrick Carnwath.

A fire-brand of a woman, who displayed amazing energy and enthusiasm, she somehow managed to raise four boisterous children, myself, Lawrence, our brother Patch and sister Tandi, alongside starting up, running and developing the company over many years.

For many years Marge ran the Quality Control and Despatch Department on a day-to-day basis.  Her obsession for quality being upheld to this day by all of us who work in the company.

When Lawrence and I showed an interest in joining Countryside Art both she and our father John encouraged us to take up the reins, at an early age.  Happily sharing the running of the company with us: by the time they both retired in 2005 they knew they had left the company in very safe hands.  (Our father John, a very talented artist, continues to produce beautiful designs for Countryside Art and still shows a very active interest in the company). 

A feminist in the truest sense.  Mum instilled in us a belief that women are entirely equal.  Hence the fact Countryside Art has me as a female joint Managing Director (alongside my brother Lawrence) and, as part of her legacy, all the women in our company (as well as the men) continue to be very much empowered and encouraged to reach their full potential.

An incredibly family-minded person; Mum also loved the fact that Lawrence’s partner Anita (Accounts Director) and my partner Rob (who runs our Lithographic department) joined our amazing Countryside Art team.  Plus later on, our youngest sister Tandi, her husband, and their daughter too.

Marge always wanted the company to have a friendly and caring approach – to her the business was a ‘way-of-life’ not a ‘means-to-an-end’.  We salute her values.

If you would like to know more about the history of Countryside Art follow the link to our ‘About Us’ page.

Best wishes

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director

Margery Chapman
7th July 1942 – 1st January 2018

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