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Mr Dragon’s Busy Day Out

Hannah, who is a much valued, long term member of our admin team, came over yesterday with her 18 month old child, to meet her new colleague, Becky, with whom she will be job sharing.

When they left, we found Mr Dragon had decided to stay with us rather than return home. 

So to prevent a very huge upset about where Mr Dragon had disappeared to, Jamie, our soft-hearted Systems Manager, spent his lunch break photographing Mr Dragon helping out in the factory

Hannah’s little son was delighted to see the photos Jamie emailed through and that Mr Dragon was having a good time at work.

This was followed by a session on an oven glove binding machine – not easy when you’ve got wings instead of hands
A brief spell of adding swing tickets to peg bags came as a welcome change of activity
We decided the fork lift was not a good idea as he doesn’t have long enough legs or hold a current licence
At break time it was nice to have a chat to our resident Bee
Finally, it had been a long and tiring day so time for a well deserved snooze…

And just to reassure you all; Mr Dragon will be reunited with his little friend tonight when Hannah gets back from work.

We also think every company should start a ‘Bring a Child’s Toy to Work Day’ and publish the photos on their blog – what do you all think?

Best wishes as always

Kathy Brookes, Sales Director


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